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Aztec Death Whistle - the Clown

Aztec Death Whistle - the Clown

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Experience the Aztec Death Whistle - The Clown, the first in our exclusive Collector Aztec Death Whistle series. Hand-painted and incredibly loud, this limited edition whistle delivers ear-piercing screams. Each whistle is signed and numbered for authenticity.

Uncover the history of these ancient Aztec Death Whistles, discovered in burial grounds and believed to be used in sacrificial rituals and to strike fear in enemies. Handcrafted with high-grade resin and epoxy, each whistle is meticulously made, ensuring the best sound quality. No two whistles are exactly alike, adding excitement to your collection.

Discover the power of The Clown, featuring intricate details and a haunting sound. Get your hands on this extraordinary piece of art and experience the Aztec Death Whistle like never before.

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