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Aztec Dog Harness Collar

Aztec Dog Harness Collar

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Looking for a stylish and sturdy dog collar, leash, or harness that showcases beautiful Aztec design? Look no further than this listing! Made with heavy duty, 100% nylon webbing and all silver metal hardware, these accessories are built to last.

Choose from a variety of sizes to find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Collars come in XS to XL sizes and range from 8-28" in length and 5/8"-1" in width. Harnesses are also available in XS to XL sizes and range from 14-45" in girth and 5/8"-1" in width. Measurements are approximate, so be sure to choose a size that falls right in the middle of your dog's measurements for the best fit.

The materials used in these accessories are high quality and durable, including a welded steel D ring, aluminum side release buckle, and steel triglide to adjust measurements. The beautiful Aztec design is showcased on a jacquard fabric, giving these accessories a unique and eye-catching look.

When fitting the harness on your dog, simply unbuckle it and lay it flat on the ground. Place your dog's legs through the loops one at a time and adjust the straps to fit the harness snugly on your dog. Once fitted, the harness can be easily removed and used again without additional measuring.

Upgrade your dog's look and comfort with these gorgeous Aztec-designed dog accessories!

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