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Black Slate Stone Aztec Calendar - Round 12X12

Black Slate Stone Aztec Calendar - Round 12X12

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Introducing a stunning new addition to your home decor - a laser engraved Aztec Calendar on black slate with wood! Expertly crafted and made in Austin, each artwork is visually and tactically exciting, with the heavy, cold feel of the black slate and rough edges evoking a sense of discovery. You can't get this feeling from books or pictures alone - you need to feel it for yourself! Experience the intricate details of the ancient hieroglyphs, documents, pictographs, and petroglyphs up close and personal. Our goal is to give you a profound sense of discovery, just like when these sites were first uncovered.

Each artwork is completely unique and modeled after the original inscriptions and images. Display it on the included wood stand or hold it in your hand and enjoy. Measuring approximately 12x12 inches round (Tablet) or 12x13 inches (Tablet + Stand), this beautiful piece will make a striking addition to any room.

As a bonus, we offer a Free Gifting Service where we'll add extra attention with canvas ribbon, gold stamp & note tag (and no invoice or packing slip). You can even send personalized text and info for us to use, and if you have a little more to say than can fit on the tag, we'll create a larger note/card to include. Give the gift of discovery and wonder with our Aztec Calendar on black slate with wood.

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