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Mini Jade Oracle Deck W/ Guide Booklet

Mini Jade Oracle Deck W/ Guide Booklet

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The Jade Oracle deck is a unique and powerful divination tool that beautifully captures the ancient Mexican symbolism of pre-Hispanic statues, murals, and codices. This original artwork is expertly crafted into a set of 52 mini cards, each measuring 1.75" x 2.5", and a 3" x 5" guide booklet, available in both English and Spanish.

Unlike traditional tarot cards, the Jade Oracle is not structured by suits but instead presents a new form of universal archetypes. This provides a fresh perspective on divination and introspection, opening a window to the soul and offering a new lens to view oneself. The set is named after the exquisite green jade, which was one of the most sacred stones in ancient Mexico, representing the teeming bounty of life.

The Jade Oracle deck includes 52 beautifully illustrated cards, each providing a unique interpretation of the mythology and symbolism that inspired them. Through the included booklet, you can explore and understand the cards' meanings, and delve into the mystical world of ancient Mexican culture.

By connecting with this magical land and its rich history, we can better understand ourselves and our place in the world. Whether you are exploring a new path to the sacred or seeking a deeper connection to your Mexican heritage, the Jade Oracle deck is an ideal tool for introspection and divination.

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