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Ancient Aztec Candle Stand Pair | Aztec Warrior Teotihuacan Mask Candle stand

Ancient Aztec Candle Stand Pair | Aztec Warrior Teotihuacan Mask Candle stand

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Aztec Warrior Teotihuacan Mask Candle stand set

Two interpertations of the symolism of the MASK

Aztec masks were used as ornaments, and were sometimes worn as part of a ritual. Like the artistry and materials, the Aztecs worshiped gods collected from a variety of cultures. A common type of mask, might be a representation of the god Quetzalcoatl or perhaps Tlaloc. The masks generally then were used for worship of the gods, whether by being displayed in a temple or worn by a priest.

The Funerary Mask - Metaphor of Transformation
Just as life for the pre-Columbian inhabitants of Mesoamerica culminated in the funerary ritual that marked the beginning of the passage back to the realm of the spirit from whence the individual's life came—often a difficult passage, according to Mesoamerican mythology—so our study of the masks of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica comes to its conclusion with a consideration of the funerary mask that brings together in its final image all of the cosmological conceptions for which the mask stood as the metaphor throughout the long development of Mesoamerican spiritual thought and art. Death, for the peoples of Mesoamerica as for all peoples, was the great mystery. The Aztec account of the metaphoric journey to Mictlan after the body's physical death suggests that except in the case of divine rulers, death was seen as a gradual fading of the individual identity of the person into the anonymity of the life-force. Like the monumental Aztec image of Coatlicue. it was both the womb and the tomb, generating and receiving back all the individual lives in the natural world.

This wonderful Aztec candle stand set is made of iron like metal, all parts are metal, bottom has felt. A great set for votive candles, or to leave empty, the plate like spot is 1/2 inch deep, a great holder for power stones.

No dents or rust or bent parts, the finish is a bit rustic, a vintage item, """do not expect it to look new in person""".

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